Matrixyl 3000



Name: base peptide 3000

CAS: 221227-50-0

Molecular formula: C34H62N8O7

Molecular weight: 694.9055

made in China

Appearance: powder

color: White

Purity: ≥98%

Uses: beauty industry

Qualification: MSDS/COA

Packing specification: 1G/bag

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place

Shelf life: 2 years


Price:$41.18 \G


Base Peptide Overview

The main components of base peptide 3000 are two palmitoyl oligopeptides Pal-GHK (Biopeptide-CL) and Pal-GQPR (RIGIN™). Base peptide 3000 shows perfect efficacy from gene activation to protein remodeling

Base Peptide 3000 Application

Wrinkles are the consequence of poor repair of skin lesions, so the topical application of base peptide 3000 can restore cell vitality to achieve wrinkle removal effect. Base Peptide 3000 can be added in an appropriate formula ratio to obtain Chemicalbook cosmetics with good effects, which shows that Base Peptide 3000 is not only stable but also fat-soluble and has good skin permeability. The biomimetic features of Peptide 3000 ensure its good safety profile relative to AHA and retinoic acid.

Base Peptide 3000 Efficacy

Promotes collagen synthesis, as well as glycosaminoglycan or hyaluronic acid production, which increases skin firmness.


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