Decarboxy carnosine hydrochloride



  • Name:Decarboxy carnosine hydrochloride
  • Common alias abbreviation:decarboxylcarnosine; CARCININE dihydrochloride; Β – A – histamine · 2 HCL; Dedwarf carnosine hydrochloride; Decarboxylcarnosine hydrochloride/decarboxylcarnosine; N-(2-(1H-imidazole-5-yl) ethyl) -3-aminopropionamide dihydrochloride
  • CAS #:57022-38-5
  • Molecular formula:C8H14N4O.2HCI
  • Molecular weight:255.14
  • Origin: China
  • Appearance and properties: White powder
  • Density: 0.990±0.06g/cm3
  • Melting point: 190.4-190.6ºC
  • Purity: 98%
  • Recommended dosage: <1.5%
  • Purpose: Beauty industry
  • Qualification: MSDS/COA
  • Packing specification: 1KG/ aluminum foil bag
  • Storage: This product should be sealed and shielded from high temperature, stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Minimum order quantity: 1KG
  • Price:$2.47 \g
  • Introduction: Decarboxy Carnosine HCL (Decarboxy Carnosine HCL), scientific name β-alanyl histamine (β-alanyl histamine), is an imidazole dipeptide composed of β-alanine and L-histamine.


  • Efficacy:
  1. Scavenging free radicals and anti-oxidation: Decarboxylcarnosine has the function of capturing hydroxyl free radicals, simple oxygen and hydrogen peroxide free radicals, which can inhibit lipid oxidation caused by non-metallic ions and protect cell membranes stably.
  2. Anti-glycation: Glycation occurs in the skin, resulting in the gradual loss of elasticity of collagen, the formation of wrinkles on the skin surface and yellowing of skin tone. Decarboxylcarnosine protects collagen and elastin by inhibiting glycosylation of structural proteins through two different targets.
  • Application:
  1. It is used to remove yellowing and brighten skin tone.
  2. It is used to fight against the invasion of skin by external ultraviolet rays, pollutants and other adverse environment;
  3. It is used to prevent premature skin aging and maintain the young state of skin Chemicalbook.
  4. Can be added to beauty skin care products, such as emulsion, mask morning, night cream, eye cream, eye essence, facial essence, muscle base liquid, toner, eye mask, gel, etc.
  • Causes:
  1. PH6~8, not compatible with complexing agent
  2. It may cause skin irritation
  3. It may cause serious eye damage
  4. May cause respiratory irritation


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