Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer
Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer

Specialization in Cosmetic Raw Materials

Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer

Fuzhou Enxi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018. The company is located in Fuqing, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in China. It is an enterprise specializing in R&D, production, import and export sales of cosmetic raw materials. For a long time to provide customers with high-quality products, as well as professional technical consulting services.

With its foundation in 2018, the company has likely gained some experience and expertise in the cosmetic materials market. Their specialization in cosmetic raw materials suggests that they may supply ingredients used in formulating various cosmetics, such as skincare products, makeup, hair care items, and more.

As an enterprise that deals with import and export sales, they may engage in international trade activities, sourcing raw materials from overseas suppliers and selling their products to clients globally.

Fuzhou Enxi Cosmetic Raw Materials

Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer

Our business as Fuzhou Enxi Cosmetic Raw Materials, which was initially established in 1882 as a distillery, has gone through various advancements. However, since 2000, we have successfully maintained our standards. We are aware that every cosmetic product is different and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To fulfill your unique formulation needs, we offer individualized solutions.

We can meet your needs for natural and organic products, specialized active substances, or cutting-edge additives. However, we’re here to work with you, offering professional advice and assistance in choosing the best components to support your product development objectives. Fuzhou Enxi Cosmetic Raw Materials is your dependable partner in the field of cosmetics. Thus, thanks to our dedication to quality, safety, and personalization.

Leading Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer

In a world where beauty trends change at the speed of light, keeping ahead calls for excellence in many areas, not just in goods. As a top cosmetic raw materials manufacturer, we constantly push the envelope of what is feasible in terms of research and development. However, we can produce raw ingredients that take your cosmetic formulas to new heights. Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, industry experts, and unrelenting commitment to quality assurance.

Beyond producing outstanding raw materials, sustainability is something we deeply value. However, our environmentally friendly business practices, ethical sourcing, and creative packaging approaches meet the rising need for morally and sustainably produced cosmetics. Our products as acetyl hexapeptide 1 manufacturers are in line with our idea that environmental protection shouldn’t be sacrificed for aesthetic appeal. Therefore, join us as we transform the cosmetics industry one eco-friendly product at a time.

Trusted Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer

Since 2012, we as cosmetic raw materials manufacturer, have specialized in the export of substances. Also, including those used in industry, cosmetics, and health supplements. There are more than 70 staff at DSY, and the production and marketing space is larger than 5,000 square meters. More and more people throughout the world, particularly in South-east Asia and Europe, are buying our items. However, 500 companies from more than 30 countries have developed commercial ties with us.

We, as a cosmetic raw materials manufacturer, take pride in being your top partner in the raw material market for cosmetics. However, we have made a reputation for ourselves in the cosmetics market by relentlessly focusing on quality, innovation, and sustainability. Our goal is to provide the best raw materials to cosmetic firms, large and small. Thus, encouraging creativity and ensuring the development of goods that redefine beauty standards.



Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer

Our company focuses on the research &development and production of sponge microneedles, which are favored by domestic and foreign customers because of their unique long-term transdermal penetration and skin rejuvenation functions. At the same time, we have the active raw materials used in sponge microneedles, such as polypeptides, polysaccharides, PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotides),etc., to provide all the customers with safer and more efficient raw material selection and formulation services.


Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer
Enxi Technology has been adhering to the business philosophy of “integrity-based, quality first, customer first perfected and passed the IOS9001quality management system certification, and was awarded the national AAA credit enterprise. Committed to innovative technology to continuously empower the industry, and look forward to achieving a long-term win-win future with domestic and foreign customers


Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer
Adhering to the market demand-oriented, focusing on transdermal absorption technology in the cosmetics industry


Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer
Our main product Sponge Micro-needle redefines the concept of transdermal absorption in the cosmetics industry!


Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer
Provide professional formula technical guidance, as well as high-quality and efficient OEM/ODM one-stop service


Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer
Years of experience in import and export trade, safely delivering goods to designated locations according to your requirements, Fuzhou Enxi Technology specializes in the research and development (R&D), production, import, and export sales of cosmetic raw materials.
Cosmetic Raw Materials Manufacturer